Besides the basic CommonMark Spec syntax, YFM provides a set of plugins with additional features and unique markup elements.

    Plugin name Description Parameters Added
    by default
    Anchors Automatically generate anchors for headers extractTitle: Consider the first level header
    (type: bool, default value: false)

    supportGithubAnchors: Generate additional anchors compatible with GitHub
    (type: bool, default value: false)
    code Display the copy button in code blocks - +
    Cut Support for the cut markup - +
    Deflist Support for the definition list markup - +
    Tasks list Support for the tasks list divClass: classname for div wrapping the checkbox
    (type: string, default value: checkbox)

    idPrefix: prefix for checkbox id
    (type: string, default value: checkbox)
    Images Add images assetsPublicPath: Path to icons
    (type: string, default value: /)
    Imsize Set the image size - -
    Includes Reuse content in a document getVarsPerFile: A function that returns calculated variables using the path to the file
    (type: function, default value: -)
    Links Expand link syntax - -
    Meta Add metadata to the beginning of files - +
    Notes Support for the note markup lang: A language for displaying the note type
    (type: string, default: ru)
    Sup Output text as superscript - +
    Table Support for multiline tables - +
    Tabs Support for the tab markup - +
    Video Add a video - +

    The plugins included in the YFM package are listed above. You can also add additional plugins or write your own using the markdown-it guidelines.