Besides the basic CommonMark Spec syntax, YFM provides a set of plugins with additional features and unique markup elements.


The order of plugins is important. When adding plugins, you should specify the full set of plugins

Plugin name Description Parameters Added</br>by default
Anchors Automatically generate anchors for headers extractTitle: Consider the first level header</br>(type: bool, default value: false)</br></br>supportGithubAnchors: Generate additional anchors compatible with GitHub</br>(type: bool, default value: false) +
code Display the copy button in code blocks - +
Cut Support for the cut markup - +
Deflist Support for the definition list markup - +
File Support for the file objects markup fileExtraAttrs: additional attributes for the link +
Tasks list Support for the tasks list divClass: classname for div wrapping the checkbox</br>(type: string, default value: checkbox)</br></br> idPrefix: prefix for checkbox id</br>(type: string, default value: checkbox) -
Images Add images assetsPublicPath: Path to icons</br>(type: string, default value: /) -
Imsize Set the image size - -
Includes Reuse content in a document getVarsPerFile: A function that returns calculated variables using the path to the file</br>(type: function, default value: -) -
Links Expand link syntax - -
Meta Add metadata to the beginning of files - +
Notes Support for the note markup lang: A language for displaying the note type</br>(type: string, default: ru) +
Sup Output text as superscript - +
Table Support for multiline tables - +
Tabs Support for the tab markup - +
Video Add a video - +

The plugins included in the YFM package are listed above. You can also add additional plugins or write your own using the markdown-it guidelines.