Cuts and tabs

With YFM extensions, you can use interactive markup elements: cuts and tabs.


The content of cuts and tabs can include any YFM markup.


Use cuts to hide content. For example, additional information or long blocks of code.

{% cut "Cut header" %}

Content displayed when clicked.

{% endcut %}


Cut header

Content displayed when clicked.


Use tabs for mutually exclusive sections. For example, to separate instructions for different operating systems.

To display tabs correctly, separate them with empty lines:

  • {% list tabs %} and {% endlist %}.
  • The text of one tab and the name of the next tab.
{% list tabs %}

- The name of tab1

  The text of tab1.

  * You can use lists.
  * And **other** markup.

- The name of tab2

  The text of tab2.

{% endlist %}


The text of tab1.

  • You can use lists.
  • And other markup.

The text of tab2.

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