Images should be stored in a directory whose name starts with _. Otherwise, they will be deleted when making a build.

The standard markup for inserting an image is:

![alt-text](_images/image.png "hint_text" =100x100)
  • alt-text: Alternative image text.

  • _images/image.png: The URL or path to the image file.

  • "hint_text": A hint that will be displayed when you hover over the image. Optional.

  • =100x100: The image size. Optional.


    If you want to keep the aspect ratio of your image, only specify its width: 100x.

You can make an image clickable using link design rules. To do this, add the standard image markup to the part where the link text usually goes.

[![An old rock in the desert](../../_images/mountain.jpg "Mountain" =100x200)](


An old rock in the desert

Reference-style markup for images

Similarly to reference-style links, you can declare an image in a special place once and refer to it using a tag throughout the document. This will allow you to use the image multiple times without overloading the text with long URLs or other parameters.

![An old rock in the desert][image1]

[image1]: ../../_images/mountain.jpg "Mountain"


An old rock in the desert


To add videos to a page, use markup:


To review the style options and list of available video hosting services, see the markdown-it-video plugin page.