Uploading to S3

You can configure the building so that the documentation is automatically uploaded to S3 storage. To do this, when executing the yfm command, specify the --publish startup key.

You can set layout settings in one of the following ways:

  • Using startup keys: The name of the key corresponds to the name of the setting.
  • In a configuration file.

Uploading settings

Configuration Description
storageEndpoint Endpoint for S3 storage.
storageBucket Bucket.
storageKeyId Authorization key ID.</br></br>Can be set in the YFM_STORAGE_KEY_ID environment variable.
storageSecretKey Authorization key.</br></br>Can be set in the YFM_STORAGE_SECRET_KEY environment variable.
storagePrefix Prefix for file paths.</br></br>Optional parameter. Can be used to pass the build version, so each build is placed in a separate folder.