Build settings

The build settings are listed below. You can configure them and standard YFM settings in one of the following ways:

The name of the startup key corresponds to the name of the setting.

Startup key Description
--input, -i Path to the project directory (required parameter).
--output, -o The path to the folder for output data (required parameter).
--varsPreset Name of the variable preset used.
--vars, -v Values of variables.
--strict, -s Launch in strict mode.</br></br>YFM warnings are treated as errors. Disabled by default.
--quiet, -q Start in quiet mode.</br></br>Do not output logs to stdout. Disabled by default.
--config, -c Path to the configuration file.
--singlePage Build the project as a single HTML file. For more information, see Single-page build.
--output-format Generation format. HTML by default, but you can choose to build in YFM.
--apply-presets Substitute variable values from presets when building in YFM.
--add-system-meta Add variables from the system presets section to metadata files. Disabled by default.
--remove-hidden-toc-items Remove hidden pages from the build result. Disabled by default.
--version Current version.
--lint-disabled Should whether to turn off a linter
--build-disabled Should whether to turn off a build
--add-map-file Should add all paths of documentation into file.json. Disabled by default.

To view the full list of keys, run the yfm --help command.