yfm translate translates your documentation using Yandex Translator


  • get your OAUTH token as described in documentation

  • put it inside .ya_oauth_token file inside home folder or set it with YANDEX_OAUTH_TOKEN environment variable

  • get the ID of any folder that your account is granted the editor role or higher for as described in documentation

  • set yandexCloudTranslateFolderId inside .yfm config file to folder id you got from previous step

  • set yandexCloudTranslateGlossaryPairs inside .yfm config file if you need to use glossary dictionary while translating (example below)

# glossary example

    - { sourceText: InstreamAdBreakPositionType, translatedText: InstreamAdBreakPositionType }

This will make InstreamAdBreakPositionType stay without change in the target(translated) document

Now you can use yfm cli to translate your documentation.


Option name required value description
--input yes path source path to the documentation
--output yes path target path to the translated documentation
--source-language yes language code language code in ISO 639-1 format
--target-language yes language code language code in ISO 639-1 format


yfm translate --input input_folder --output output_folder --source-language ru --target-language en

This will translate your russian documentation in the input_folder into english one putting it to output_folder

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